Kioti px1153

I have a 2017 Kioti PX 1153 300 hrs on it the PTO will not shut off once it’s engaged it has a new switch a new relay for the PTO It started out when I shut the PTO off it would hesitate and then shut off slowly got worse and now will not shut off at all I contacted the dealer they said the next step is the hydraulics spool for the PTO has anybody else had any problems with this

Thanks scott


 I believe that you probably have an o ring that is bad in the pto clutch pack.  It is letting oil slip by.  My thinking is that it takes 165?? PSI to operate the PTO and when you shut it off you may have like 25 or 30 PSI still on clutch.  Thus the shaft is still turning but may not have any real power behind it.  That is just me thoughts from here.  Hope it helps.


Thanks for your diagnosis I did find an O-ring in my hydraulic filters on my first 50 hour oil changes told the dealer they didn’t think much of it but that makes sense thank you for your time and your information I will let you know what the dealer find out I’m going to take it next week and have them fix it


Scott young