John Deere 8530 Tractor with 5014 Hours Sold Today on Nebraska Auction - 2nd Highest Price Ever

Want to get accurate read on how much values have gone UP on good used pre-DEF, pre Tier IV Tractors the past 6 months? Check this out.

6 mo. ago on an August 24, 2022 online auction a 2008 JD 8530 with 5778 hours, IVT, ILS, good, from Sutton, Neb., sold for $169,250. That was the highest auction price ever on a JD 8530 with 5000+ hours. That was Then.

This is Now. Today, Feb. 1, 2023, the 2008 JD 8530 with 5014 hours pictured below, IVT, ILS, from Kennard, Neb., owned by Mickey Gottsch, sold on weekly online auction.

SOLD: $210,250.

So it went $41,000 over the previous high auction sale price on a JD 8530 with 5000+ hours. Wow. $41K. And in fact Mickey Gottsch’s 2008 JD 8530 with 5014 hours sold today for $210,250 is the 2nd highest auction sale price ever on 8530’s.


Here’s picture of the JD 8530 sold highest at auction, just back on 8/12/22 farm auction in Ohio City, OH - 2007 model with 2188 hours, IVT, ILS, sold for $234,000.

World is all about timing…here’s Machinery Pete Youtube video I filmed 9 years ago on April 29, 2014 farm auction in New Virginia, IA of a sharp 2008 JD 8530 with only 1500 hours, IVT, ILS, selling for $205,000…used farm equipment values were tanking lower in '14.

What would a 1500 hour JD 8530 be worth today…$$$$$.

“Tractor Specs” on JD 8530’s: John Deere 8530 Tractor Specs | Machinery Pete

Here’s link to (8) JD 8530’s for sale today - including 2008 model with only 3178 hours at Midwest Machinery Co. in Glencoe, MN: Used John Deere 8530 Tractors for Sale - 8 Listings | Machinery Pete

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