John Deere 8420 Tractor Values

Alvin and Geraldine Barta took really good care of their farm equipment.

Their farm retirement auction was Thursday (September 28, 2017) in northwest Nebraska (Hemingford, Neb.). Their sale was conducted by my good friends at Kraupie's Real Estate & Auction ( One tractor in particular caught my eye on this auction Thursday.

The 2002 John Deere 8420 with 4,303 hours. Here's a picture of it.


So, how does $94K stack up price-wise? Tied for 2nd highest auction sale price I've seen so far this year on John Deere 8420's. Also just over $26K above the current Avg. Auction Price on 8420's. Here's a look at 8420 values going back over the past 6 years according to the auction sale price data we compile at Machinery Pete:

John Deere 8420 Tractor Values: Avg. Auction Price


So a 7.4% dip in value so far this year for John Deere 8420's on average. Deere made the 284 HP model from 2002 - 2005. Here's a closer look at John Deere 8420 individual auction sale prices so far this year:

2017 Auction Prices on John Deere 8420 Tractors






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Here's a picture of the highest selling John Deere 8420 at auction so far this year...the 2002 model 8420 with just 2,119 hours sold for $100,000 on a February 25, 2017 farm auction in southeast Virginia:


Wondering what the all time highest auction sale price ever on a John Deere 8420 is? Answer: $157,000. That 2003 model 8420 with 1,579 hours sold on a December 18, 2012 farm auction in northeast Iowa, right at the absolute height of used farm machinery values....December 2012. Here's a picture of it:


If you're in the market to buy a John Deere 8420, here's a link to (46) for sale today at farm equipment dealers around the country, click here to view: