2005 John Deere 8420 Tractor Sold HIGH Today on Missouri Online Auction

Whew…bidding on good condition used Tractors just continues to be super heated.

Exhibit A today (June 29, 2021) the 2005 JD 8420 with just 1942 hours sold for $150,000 on James Browning online farm estate auction in Edina, MO by our friends at Sullivan Auctioneers (www.sullivanauctioneers.com). Here’s a picture of it.

$150K is the 3rd all time highest auction sale price I’ve seen on a JD 8420 Tractor.


JD 8420 Tractor Values

  • Avg. Auction Price this year: $75,292
  • Avg. Auction Price last year: $69,487
  • Avg. Auction Price 2 years ago: $64,493
  • Avg. Auction Price 3 years ago: $63,070
  • Current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price: $72,644

Wow…look at that…the current Avg. Auction Price on 8420’s this year ($75,292) is running HIGHER than the current Dealer Advertised Price ($72,644).

That folks = a VERY HOT used Tractor market.

Also note how the Avg. Auction Price has now GONE UP 3 years in a row. Another sign of a very HOT used Tractor market.

And also, of course, a sign of buyers placing increasing demand on finding/acquiring good condition slightly older pre DEF/pre Tier IV Tractors…like the 2005 model JD 8420 sold for $150,000 today in Missouri.

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