John Deere 7930 Smashed Record Price Today on Sioux Center, IA Auction

The 7 highest auction sale prices ever on JD 7930 Tractors have all come the past 18 months.

Including the new record high price today, March 24, 2023, on the Kuiper Family retirement auction from Hull, IA as part of Zomer Company Real Estate & Auction sale at the former Sioux Center, IA airport. Here’s the scoop:

2010 JD 7930 with 467 hours, 1 owner, sold: $191,000

Pete’s Note:$191,000 is new record price on JD 7930 - by whopping $21,000!

$191,000 sale price today smashed the former record high auction price on JD 7930 of $170,000 which was just set 4 months ago on 11/16/22 auction in Waverly, IA by the Steffes Group. That 7930 was a 2010 model with 1244 hours. Here’s a picture of it.



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“Tractor Specs” on JD 7930’s:

One of big reasons why we’re continuing to see these RISING auction sale prices being paid on good condition used mid to high HP Tractors is due to historically tight level on dealer used lots. Case in point…only 8 JD 7930’s listed for sale right now at Machinery Pete web site, here’s link:

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