John Deere 4440 and 4455 Tractors Sell Strong on Iowa Auction Yesterday

What do get when two super clean, lower hour, well cared for John Deere 4440 and 4455 tractors are up for sale at auction?

Hot bidding.

Nevada, IA was the hot spot yesterday on a farm auction by my friends at the Steffes Group ( The 1982 John Deere 4440 pictured below, with 5,725 hours, quad range, sold for $30,000. This is the seventh 4440 I've seen sold for $30K or more at auction the past 18 months.


Recent Auction Prices of $30K or more on John Deere 4440 Tractors



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Another hot seller on yesterday's sale in Nevada, IA was a 1990 John Deere 4455 mechanical front wheel drive tractor with 4,991 hours. It sold for $56,500. Here's a picture of it.


If you are in the market for a 4455, here's a link to (19) of them for sale today:



One other hot seller on yesterday's auction in Nevada, IA...pair of John Deere 400 30-foot rotary hoes, sold for $5,500 each. When you need 'em, you need 'em.