Honoring Our Elders

Honoring our elders.

The right thing to do.

Instagram follower and vegetable grower Andrew Petersen from Lakeside, MI dropped me a note the other day with some very cool pictures…and a note about his grandfather Vernon Petersen of Stanton, MI. Vernon is 93.

My grandpa Petersen is going to be 94 in October,” said Andrew. “He worked for the Montcalm County road commission here in Michigan for 35 years.

Here’s a picture of him standing next to a brand new John Deere earth mover in 1959. It was 2 cylinder diesel. He’s in the plaid shirt.

The Greatest Generation that helped build America. Literally.

The earth mover was purchased from AIS equipment in Grand Rapids, MI (www.aisequip.com). They are still in business today. Grandpa has a lot of great stories about using dynamite to build roads. Of course this was pre EPA and environmental impact studies. LOL.

A big date coming up this month for Vernon Petersen and wife Claribel…May 23, 2020 will be their 67th wedding anniversary!


3 weeks early, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Vernon and Claribel!

And a Thank You to Andrew Petersen for sharing the cool pics and story of his grandfather Vernon. Grandkids honoring their grandparents…always makes me smile :slight_smile:

Machinery Pete

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