Help Finding JD 4955 with < 6K Hours for Buyer in Norway

Anders Øvstedal - Norway:Pete, Greetings from Norway! I wonder if it’s possible for you guys to find a JD 4955 with less than 6,000 hours, in good condition without any rust? And approx. how much will shipping overseas be? It need to have side mounted exhaust, overall good looking paint and wide tires is just a bonus. All papers needed for registration in Norways is neccesary! Looking forward to hear from you!” - Best regards, Anders Øvstedal

My reply: You have very good taste! Love those good condition JD 4955’s! In terms of finding a nice 4955 with under 6,000 hours, they will pop up and become available, just not everyday. Here is a link to (28) 4955’s for sale today at dealers around the U.S:

One 4955 in this list for sale caught my eye in particular, a 1990 model with 7,100 total hours (low hours on rebuilt motor) at Kuhns Equipment in Gibson City, IL, asking $47,500. Here’s a picture of it:

Really good folks there at Kuhns Equipment in Gibson City, IL. Family owned biz since back in 1956. Couple years ago I stopped in and did some filming with them. Danny Kuhns showed me his collection of beautiful Massey Ferguson tractors.

You may want to give Kuhns Equipment a call (217-543-2154, or 800-500-KUHN), ask for Paul or Danny Kuhns. I recall their mentioning a biz in their area that specialized in shipping farm equipment overseas. I can’t recall the name of that biz at the moment, but the folks at Kuhns Equipment will know…tell 'em Machinery Pete told you to call!

Back to the topic of 4955’s, the Avg. Auction Price on the last (37) 4955’s sold = $26,785, but that includes many 4955’s on the rougher side, including ones sold as low as $12,600 (ouch).

2 months ago however, I did see a JD 4955 sell for the highest auction sale price in 6 years, tied for 2nd highest auction sale price the past 20+ years…it was a 1989 model with 2,225 hours sold on a farm auction February 23, 2019 in northwest Ohio. Here’s a picture of it:

We also have a mechanism in place at our web site to help you keep track of specific items coming up for sale on auctions around the country. Here is a link showing list of 175-plus HP John Deere Tractors for sale on Upcoming Auctions, updated daily, so keep checking back:

Hope this is helpful Anders. Keep me posted on how your 4955 search is coming along!

Machinery Pete