Grain wagons

Have a pair of older Parker wagons I’m thinking of updating. Is there a good time to buy and subscentually sell wagons? Bin thinking used to get best value.

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Good question here. It’s kind of funny…you’d think with gravity wagons that the best time to sell would be late summer, hence auction prices would run higher. Not actually what I’ve seen over the years. Good condition wagons will sell fine no matter when they are up for sale, but I will say that our data has shown that Nov. - March has historically proved to be a great time to sell / prices tend to be smidge higher. I think because farmers all looking ahead to coming year…“What do I need?” Also I would note, the past couple years late August into early October prices have seemed to be a little stronger.

Right now in current market, condition is key…good condition used will attract buyers.

Msg me back pics of your Parker wagons if you can.


Best time to buy used Gravity wagons is January worst time is late Summer, Grain cart are really cheap if u need one they are a better buy