Ford TW-30 Factory Open Station Tractor Never Seen Dirt

Folks send me a lot of interesting stuff.

Like this Ford TW-30 factory open station tractor I heard about today from follower Tony in Marshfield, WI. Word is it’s NEVER SEEN DIRT.

Hi Pete, my name is Tony and my dad and I have been trying to figure something out. This past summer my dad purchased a Ford TW-30 that was factory cabless. We have been trying to find out how many were built and we were hoping you were able to help us out. We have been told that it was a demo idea and only a few were built and only given to a few farms. If you could get back to us that would be great.”

Thanks for reaching out Tony. Beautiful tractor! Guess I don’t know off top of my head how many factory open station TW-30’s Ford made. In these cases I like to throw it out to our Machinery Pete audience…see if anyone has any knowledge of Ford tractor history here.

Anyone know?

Tony added…“We live in Marshfield, WI. Dad bought it from a private seller in Stratford, IA. According to the seller the tractor has never seen dirt. It was bought by a township and was used for cutting ditches, and the guy bought it for cutting hay.”

"Tractor Specs" on Ford TW-30’s:

Machinery Pete


I don’t know about the tw 30 specifically but seen lots of open station tw 20 and25 two wheel drives in Mexico in the late eighties

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The TW30 open stations were mostly sent to dealers in Iowa and southern states. I do not know exactly how many were made but there are a fair share of them out there. One has recently sold on Facebook market place for $7500 that was in great shape. If you were looking to sell it I would say around $7000 would be reasonable.

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