Ford Broncos Sold at Auction the Past 18 Months

Broncomania…you thought was a term for loyal followers of the Denver Broncos NFL team, a term coined in 1977, the year the Broncos first went to the Super Bowl.

But there is another Broncomania.

Lovers of the vintage Ford vehicles from the late 1960’s into the 1990’s. Any time I’ve posted a picture of a Ford Bronco to our Machinery Pete Facebook, Twitter, Instagram sites…viralness occurs.

Like last Saturday night.

I was up at my wife’s folks cabin in northern Minnesota, feet up, beverage close by, looking for something to post…and then I saw it. This 1989 Ford Bronco with 89,321 miles, a rare 4-door Metropolitan pkg. Super cool. For sale at Craigmyle Farm Equipment in Owenton, KY. Here’s a link to the listing:

Viralness definitely ensued after I posted about this baby. The Machinery Pete Facebook post garnered 423 Comments and 513 Shares. The post reached nearly 200,000 Facebook users in a day.

With Broncos fresh on my mind, I got note last night (June 29, 2020) from my friend Jacob Fragodt with Jacob Fragodt Auction and Real Estate ( They had an online collector auction in west-central Minnesota finish up last night that had a pair of Ford Broncos. Here’s the scoop on what they went for:

1974 Ford Bronco, sold: $36,250

1976 Ford Bronco, runs but needs fuel system work, sold: $10,615

Here’s list of (41) Ford Broncos I’ve seen sold at auction the past 18 months…note some sold on high end collector auctions like Barrett-Jackson in AZ or GAA Classic Cars in NC, while others were not restored originals, some nice, some rough. So interesting to read through the SPECS on each one, what done to it, all the particulars.


I do see a 1966 Ford Bronco (pictured below) for sale next week at auction, on Day 2 of Sullivan Auctioneers 4-Day Annual Collector Vehicle Auction, online only sale this year, July 6-9. Current bid up to $12,750 on it. Specs: 200 Inline 6 cylinder engine, 4wd, 3 speed on the tree, after market radio, sells complete with the hard doors, (vin is one digit off from title and will be sold that way)- private ownership, VIN #014FL816106, Title #136. Here is the link to the sale:

Machinery Pete

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