Challenger 65E Tractor Sold Today - Highest Price in 20 Years

Challenger 65E tractors were made just a few years, from 1998 - 2001.

Today (May 30, 2019) on the David Robertson farm estate auction in northwest Minnesota (Argyle, MN) by Mick Rapacz Auctioneers, a very nice condition Challenger 65E with only 1900 hours sold for $72,000. Here’s a picture of it.

$72K is the highest auction price I’ve seen on a 65E in 20+ years. Here’s a look at the prior high auction sale prices:

Previous High Auction Prices on Challenger 65E Tractors

Note how each of these (4) 65E’s sold 12-14 years ago, back in the years 2005 - 2007. Long time ago. They were late model used tractors at that point.

But now right around 20 years old. So another in a LONG line of recent examples here of 10-15-20+ year old tractors in super condition with lower hours selling for PREMIUM $$'s.

Same theme here…“What’s the cost of NEW 310 HP track tractor?” Lot more than $72K. So when the diamond in the rough pops up, like this < 2K hour Challenger 65E on today’s farm estate auction up in northwest Minnesota…plenty of bidders ready with their checkbooks out. I can almost hear the auctioneer crying the sale now… "Boys, when will you ever find another 65E as nice is this one here today, with these LOW hours! Here’s your opportunity today"

Bid, bid, bid…$72K.


Another record price.

"Tractor Specs" on Challenger 65E’s:

Link to (2) Challenger 65E’s for sale today on dealer lots in MI and UT:

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