CaseIH 8930 Tractor Could Set Record on Saturday Sale

Think we'll set a record?

With the 1998 CaseIH 8930 front-wheel assist tractor with only 984 actual hours up for sale this Saturday (July 21, 2018) on a farm auction in Ashton, IL. Here's a picture of the 8930:

The highest auction sale price on a CaseIH 8930 is $84,500...that came on a November 10, 2012 farm auction in Archer, IA for a 1998 model 8930 with 2,990 hours. Of course back in 2012 was about the absolute top of the used farm equipment market. Here's a picture of it:


Here's a list of the highest auction sale prices I've seen on CaseIH 8930 tractors:

Top 5 Highest Auction Prices on CaseIH 8930 Tractors

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The highest auction sale price ever on a slightly smaller HP CaseIH 8920 tractor is actually higher...$96,000 for a 1997 model 8920 with 1,641 hours, sold on a February 20, 2012 (there's that YEAR again) farm auction in White Water, WI. Here's a pic of the $96,000 CaseIH 8920:



The highest auction sale price ever on a CaseIH 8940 tractor is $92,000. That $92K sale price figure was recorded twice, first on a January 22, 2011 consignment auction in Cooksville, IL for a 1997 model 8940 with 1,875 hours. Here's a picture of this $92K beauty:



$92K also hit on a July 24, 2014 farm auction in Harrisburg, SD for another 1997 model 8940, this one with 2,675 hours. Here's a picture of that $92K 8940:

So now I've got you seeing and dreaming shiny red 20 year old Magnum paint with low hours...question becomes, "How high do you think the 1998 CaseIH 8930 with 984 actual hours will sell on Saturday's farm auction in Ashton, IL?"

Stay tuned...


My guess is $89,000. This would be an awesome tractor to own. Do you put it away for historical value or use it and enjoy it?

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