CaseIH 8920 Tractor Values

CaseIH 8920 Tractors.

Hard to believe they are 20 years old now, but they are. Case IH 8920 tractors (172 HP) were made for just a couple years at the tail end of the 1990's.

Always fun to run across 8920's coming up for sale on the auction market. Recently I've seen (4) 8920's sold at auction around North America for right about the same $$, each right in the $70K range. Here's a look at the 10 highest auction sale prices on Case IH 8920's since the start of 2017:

Highest Auction Prices on Case IH 8920's the Past 16 Mo.


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Ok, time for some visuals. Here's a pic of the 1999 CaseIH 8920 with 3,280 hours sold last Saturday (April 7, 2018) on a farm auction in Grenfell, Saskatchewan for $70,443:


Here's a pic of the 1998 model 8920 with 2,398 hours sold for $70,000 on a 2/17/18 farm auction in Princeton, MN:


And finally, here's a pic of the 1999 CaseIH 8920 with 1,866 hours sold for $70,000 on a 2/3/18 farm auction in Georgetown, OH:

So looks like $70K the going rate on real nice condition 8920's, but what about the big picture on 8920 values including the ones that aren't so nice, have higher hours? Ok, here you go, a look at Avg. Auction Price on CaseIH 8920's over the past 5 years:

CaseIH 8920 Tractor Values

Calendar Year Avg. Auction Price High Low
2018 $49,116 $70,443 $19,500
2017 $43,625 $67,500 $30,500
2016 $37,430 $80,000 $16,000
2015 $47,167 $92,000 $23,000
2014 $48,200 $62,000 $28,000
2013 $66,722 $88,000 $48,000

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If you are in the market for a CaseIH 8920 Tractor, here's a link to (13) 8920's for sale today in 8 states, all priced $67K and under, click to view: