CaseIH 7230 - JD 4440 - New Holland T9.560 Tractors Sold High on Iowa Farm Auction Thursday

Ron and Mary Smith of DeWitt, IA had beautiful Red, Blue and Green Tractors.

They all sold exceptionally well Thursday (March 25, 2021) on their farm retirement auction by our friends at the Steffes Group ( Here are a few of the highlights:

1995 CaseIH 7230 with 4124 hours, sold: $68,000

Pete’s Note:$68K is tied 2nd Highest auction price ever on 7230, also highest auction price on 7230 in 8 1/2+ years


Note how 3 of the 5 Highest auction sale prices ever on CaseIH 7230 Tractors have come in the past 7 mo., including one just last month, a 1997 model 7230 with 3093 hours sold for $66,000 on 2/20/21 farm auction in Prospect, OH.

Also note the other CaseIH 7230 tractor sold for $68,000 and WHEN it sold…November 17, 2007 on another farm auction in Iowa, a 1996 model with 2400 hours. Mid November '07 was one of the very HOTTEST periods I’ve ever seen in terms of RISING used equipment values…much like RIGHT NOW. So 13 1/2 years later, here in late March '21, we see another very nice 7230 sell for $68,000, this one with 4124 hours.

2013 New Holland T9.560 4WD with 1687 hours, sold: $185,000

Pete’s Note:$185K is Highest auction price on T9.560 4WD tractor in 5 years

1981 JD 4440 with 4662 hours, sold: $32,500

Pete’s Note:Avg. Auction Price last year on JD 4440’s ($19,959) was up 10.8% from year before. So far in '21 UP another 10.8% to $22,120

Click here to view complete sale price report from Ron & Mary Smith farm retirement auction in DeWitt, IA…very nice sale:

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