CaseIH 7140 Tractor Sold HIGH on Iowa Sale Last Friday - Another Selling This Friday in Nebraska could be HOT Too

2 Fridays in a row.

HOT auction sale prices on super condition CaseIH 7140 Magnum tractors.

The first part of that equation took place last Friday, August 7, 2020, on the Brian Nack estate auction in Grafton, IA by our friends at Fox Auction Company ( The 1991 model CaseIH 7140 with 3985 hours pictured below sold for $65,000.


$65,000 is the highest auction sale price on a CaseIH 7140 Magnum in 40 months. It is also the 7th Highest ever auction sale price on a 7140.


Here’s link to view (384) auction sale prices on CaseIH 7140 Tractors over past 20 years:

Here’s pic of the record setting Highest 7140 ever sold at auction…$76,500 for this 1990 model with 3270 hours sold on a Marshalltown, IA farm auction back on July 27, 2013.

Now for the 2nd part of the “2 Fridays in a row” I mentioned before…this Friday, August 14, 2020, on the Kenneth & Kristopher Arens estate auction in Hartington, Neb., a sweet 1989 CaseIH 7140 with only 2642 hours will sell, sale by good folks at CHJ Auctioneers & Appraisers. Here’s a picture.


This Arens estate auction this Friday in Hartington, Neb. also features a 1970 JD 4020 syncro, 2nd owner, with < 2000 hours. Here’s a picture of it.


Also on this auction Friday…an IHC 1066 with only 794 listed hours, 2nd owner. Here’s a pic of it.


Here’s link to the sale bill on the Arens estate auction Friday, August 14, 2020 in Hartington, Neb., online bidding on this sale:

Ironically the Brian Nack estate auction last Friday in Grafton, IA also featured a HOT selling 1970 JD 4020 diesel, syncro with an older repaint. It went for $20,000. Here’s a picture of it.


Link to 2,671 auction sale prices on JD 4020 Tractors the past 20 years:

Stay tuned for sale price report on the CaseIH 7140 and JD 4020 tractors on the Hartington, Neb. farm estate auction this Friday…How high do you think they will go?

Machinery Pete