Allis Chalmers 4W-220 Tractor Sold for Record Price Today at Auction

Swenson & Sons of Minot, ND are well known tractor collectors…including some very rare and super cool vintage 4WD models. They sold a few of their collector tractors today (December 31, 2020) on an online auction.

Their 1983 Allis Chalmers 4W-220 (only 173 made) with 5232 hours was the headliner today, here’s a picture of it. What a beauty!

SOLD: $47,300.

New Record Auction Price there folks. The online bids in the last 45 min or so today raced from $42,500 up to $47,300. Previous record high auction sale price on an Allis Chalmers 4W-220 tractor was $42,750 on the famous August 22, 2016 Don Fanetti collector online estate auction in Menomonie, WI where a 1983 model 4W-220 with only 3882 hours sold for $42,750.

Here’s link to view sale price report from that famous 8/22/16 Menomonie, WI Allis Chalmers collector auction that also had the VERY LAST ALLIS CHALMERS EVER MADE, a 1985 model 6070 with only 29 actual hours on it:

Actually there was a 2nd Allis Chalmers 4W-220 tractor on the Swenson & Sons online auction today in Minot, ND…a 1984 model sold for $17,800. Here’s a picture of it.

Here are a few more highlights from the Swenson & Sons of Minot, ND online collector auction today.

1968 IHC 1256 MFWD Standard, sold: $25,700
Pete’s Note:$25,700 is the 5th Highest auction sale price I’ve ever seen on an IHC 1256


1965 Oliver 1950 El Toro, original, sold: $30,200

1964 Oliver 1900C MFWD, sold: $18,100

1964 Allis Chalmers D21, Series I, sold: $14,700

1974 White 2255 2WD, only 129 2WD White 2255’s made, sold: $13,500

1989 JD 8960 with 200 hours on fresh engine overhaul, sold: $40,700

Pete’s Note:$40,700 is Highest auction price on JD 8960 in 20 mo.

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