3 of 7 Highest Auction Prices Ever on CaseIH Magnum 275 Tractors Came This Week - Record Today in Ohio

How HOT is the current used Tractor market?

Let’s talk CaseIH Magnum 275’s to paint the picture. Made from 2007 - 2011. 275 HP (“Tractor Specs” on Magnum 275’s here: Case IH Magnum 275 Tractor Specs | Machinery Pete). Check out facts on Magnum 275’s sold on recent sales:

  • Record Price set today (Dec. 17, 2021) on Ohio farm auction
  • 3rd Highest price at auction set yesterday (Dec. 16, 2021) on Indiana auction
  • 3 of the 7 Highest Magnum 275’s ever sold at auction - all came this past week


2011 CaseIH Magnum 275, 1525 hours, sold today on Ohio auction: $157,000

Pete’s Note:New record high auction price on Magnum 275…$4,500 higher than prior high price of $152,500 from auction nearly 9 years ago. Farm auction today in Monroeville, OH by Bonnigson & Associates


CaseIH Magnum 275, 1177 hours, sold yesterday on Indiana auction: $148,800

Pete’s Note:3rd highest auction price ever on Magnum 275. Farm auction yesterday in Corunna, IN by Schrader Real Estate & Auction Company

2011 CaseIH Magnum 275, 3072 hours, sold: $143,000 on 12/10/21 MN auction

Pete’s Note:$143,000 is 7th highest auction sale price ever on Magnum 275 tractor. Highest auction price ever on Magnum 275 with 1600+ hours…and this one had over 3000 hours!

So yeah, the current used Tractor market is HOTTEST I’ve ever seen. Getting HOTTER by the day here late in 2021.

Link to (19) Magnum 275’s for sale today - highest price one $149K: Used Case IH Magnum 275 Tractors for Sale - 19 Listings | Machinery Pete

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Those are some nice Case Magnums