Pair of 2011 CaseIH Magnum 235 Tractors Sold for Record Prices on Illinois Auction Wednesday

Here’s another vivid example of how scorching hot the 200+ HP used Tractor market is right now…

  • 4 Highest auction prices ever on CaseIH Magnum 235’s all come past 5 mo.
  • 2 Highest auction prices ever on CaseIH Magnum 235’s both came Wednesday on IL auction

The pair of record setting CaseIH Magnum 235 tractors sold Wednesday, September 21, 2022, on the J. Edward Doughty online farm estate auction in Earlville, IL by Sullivan Auctioneers ( Here’s the scoop:

2011 CaseIH Magnum 235 with only 360 hours, sold: $185,000

2011 CaseIH Magnum 235 with 642 hours, sold: $181,000


  • Pre-DEF…Check
  • Pre Tier IV…Check

Of course the used Loader Tractor market has also been on FIRE. Not surprisingly there was one more record high auction sale price mark set on this online farm estate auction Wednesday in Earlville, IL. It absolutely obliterated the prior record high price.

2012 CaseIH Farmall 125A with 381 hours and loader, sold: $76,500

  • $20K+ over prior record high auction price

Prior to this sale the record high auction price on a CaseIH Farmall 125A tractor with loader was $56,251 - just set on June 22, 2022 online auction. The tractor was from Sandwich, IL, a 2014 model with 1243 hours and loader.

And of course I’ve been reporting that values on good condition used Combines have been RISING as well here throughout '22. More proof from this Earlville, IL online farm estate auction where a 2003 CaseIH 2366 with 1827 engine hours sold for $75,500. Here’s a picture of it.

Click here to view full sale price report from this Earlville, IL auction 9/21/22:

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That is a nice looking pair of Case IH Magnum 235