2010 John Deere 8270R Tractor Sold for Record Price and 9610 Combine Crazy Hot on Ontario Farm Auction Today

Whoa…couple more SMOKING HOT sale prices clocked in today, December 1, 2021, from north of the border on the Everett & Dale Thorne farm retirement auction in Watford, Ontario. Sale was by the Great West Auction Company (www.greatwestteam.com). Check out this pair of prices:

2010 JD 8270R with 2600 hours, sold: $187,980 (US)

Pete’s Note:$187,980 is new record high auction price on 2010 model 8270R. It sold for $241,000 CAD. Previous record high auction price on 2010 model 8270R was $183,000 from 10 years ago almost exactly, 11/17/11 farm auction in Aurora, IA


That JD 8270R that was the former record price 2010 model…I was actually at that 11/17/11 farm auction in Aurora, IA. It had only 467 hours on it. Here’s Machinery Pete Youtube video I posted of it selling: Machinery Pete: Aurora, IA farm auction 11/17/11 - YouTube

And then there was the 1998 JD 9610 Combine on the Ontario farm auction today…Whoa.

1998 JD 9610 with 2545 engine hours, sold: $72,540 (US)

Pete’s Note:$72,540 (US) is the highest auction price on a 9610 combine sold without heads in very nearly 10 years, since a 2/11/12 farm auction in Wayne City, IL. The 1998 JD 9610 combine sold today for $93,000 CAD

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Machinery Pete

Those are some big rear tires on the combine