1992 JD 4760 with 3.6 Hours Sold Today on Saskatchewan Auction - $197,028 (U.S.)

My goodness.

1st time I heard about this sale up in Saskatchewan I knew it would be a sale we’d be talking about for years. Decades. Longer. Think I was right.

1992 JD 4760 with 3.6 actual hours just sold for $260,000 (CAD) on the Raptor Enterprises farm auction today (October 28, 2020) up in Speers, SK. The sale was by our friends at Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers (www.rbauction.com).

Folks, by my calculation with today’s CAD to U.S. dollar exchange rate of .7578 that means the 1992 JD 4760 with 3.6 hours sold for…

$197,028 (U.S.)

Holy crap.

The online bidding on this 28 year old beautiful green time machine of a tractor has been building over the last few days, rising last night from $172,500 (CAD) at dinner time up to $257,500 (CAD) by 9:49 PM CT last night. That is where the online bid sat, at $257,500 (CAD), right up almost the final moment, when at 3:20 PM CT today the last online bid came in bumping the final sale price up to $260,000 (CAD) = $197,028 (U.S.)

Best I can tell from bit of research…a new 1992 JD 4760 tractor would have been priced around $80,000 28 years ago in 1992.

The story behind the tractor was a former part owner of a John Deere dealership up in the Speers, SK region purchased the 1992 JD 4760 new as well as the 1988 JD 4450 2WD with only 256 hours on the sale today as investments back then and simply parked them in his shed.

Where they sat for decades. Until selling on the online auction today.

Not that I need to declare it, but $197,028 (U.S) is of course a new record high auction sale price ever on a JD 4760. The previous record high sale price was $85,500 on a 11/18/17 farm auction in central Indiana. It was a 1992 model with only 484 hours and had been owned by a local doctor.


Not sure if the buyer of the JD 4760 was a collector or intends to put it in the field. Buyer wished to remain anonymous. Obviously most folks will assume it was purchase to collect…but in my experience approx. 50% of the time rare low hour tractors like these are bought by folks with the intention to use them, at least a little bit.

Oh yeah, that 1988 JD 4450 2WD with only 256 hours also on the sale today…another new record high auction sale price. It went for $125,000 (CAD) = $94,725 (U.S). Another new record high auction sale price here…by mile as well. Previous high auction price was $77,500 on an 8/27/15 farm auction in Wakonda, SD on a 1988 model, MFWD, with 1136 hours.


I think we’ll all be talking about this Speers, SK auction with the record setting JD 4760 and 4450 tractors for years to come.

Machinery Pete

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