1980 IHC 4386 4WD with only 790 Hours in Michigan For Sale on Auction October 7

Look familiar?

Yes, it does. This beautiful 1980 IHC 4386 4WD tractor sold on an August 20, 2013 auction in Grand Rapids, MI for record price of $43,450. It had only 498 “1 owner” hours on it back then, 8 years ago.

Now it’s coming up for sale at auction again, on the 2021 October Harvest Consignment Auction on October 7 by our good friends at Schrader Real Estate and Auction Co. Still super low hours…only 790 hours on it now. Here’s link to the online sale listing with online bidding…117 Pics of the 1980 IHC 4386 4WD tractor: 2021 October Harvest Consignment Auction - Schrader Auction

As I said, this tractor still holds the record high auction price on a 4386 at $43,450.


These “Vintage” older 4WD Tractors in very good condition with low hours have been RISING in value, as you undoubtedly know if you’ve been following my posts/blogs/reports here the past couple years. Here are just a few examples, starting with a pair of mid 1980’s Steiger KP-525 Tiger IV’s sold just this past Thursday on a farm auction in Adams, MN by Maring Auction Co…they sold “Choice” and went for $139,000 each! Record price obviously. Here’s Youtube video I filmed of them selling:

Record Prices on IHC 7388 and 7788 Tractors on Manitoba Auction 8/16/17

Record Price ($151,000) on IHC 7588 on 12/15/17 Auction in Moravia, IA

1984 Versatile 1150 sold for $126,000 on 7/7/21 Lambert, MT Auction (Record)

1980 Big Bud 525/50 sold for $173,000 on 7/7/21 Lambert, MT Auction (Record)

1960 JD 8020 sold for $194,250 on 3/26/21 Davenport, IA Auction (Record)

Wagner WA-14 sold for $74,000 on 9/5/20 New Paris, IN Auction (Record)

Wagner WA-17 sold for $148,000 on 6/9/20 Elkhart, IL Auction (Record)

So should be very interesting to see how high the 1980 IHC 4386 4WD with only 790 actual “2nd owner” hours sells for on October 7. The online bid already up to $30,000 on it here on October 2nd.

Stay tuned…

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I would love to have all of those 4WD tractors on my farm

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