1977 986

Hi Pete,
I am looking for a value on a 1977 986IH. Tractor is fully restored with 8000 hours. It is in better than new condition. IMG_0928

Wow…that is one sharp 986! Here’s look at (10) Highest Auction Prices ever on IHC 986 Tractors:

We filmed 8/15/17 central Indiana auction where 2nd highest auction price ever 986 sold…1976 model with only 1,123 actual hours on it, sold for $23,000. Here’s pic of it:

Another recent high selling 986 just last month…12/9/17 consignment auction in east-central New York, this 1976 model 986, complete restoration, canopy, sold for $16,250. Here’s a pic of it:

Nicest IHC 986 I see currently for sale by dealers around the country is this one…1980 model with 5,364 hours for sale in Burlington, NC, click here for info on it (pic below): https://www.machinerypete.com/details/100-174-hp/1980/international-harvester/986/19157893

Hope this info was helpful!