What are the top 5 things you look for when buying a used tractor?

Inquiring minds at Pete’s Machinery Talk want to know! Even if you don’t have 5, share the most important thing(s) you look for.

Oil leaks
, condition of draw bar
condition of cab / seat
sound of tractor operating
If buy privately the condition and general surround of the farm does the rest of the equipment look like it was cared for or ran hard and put away has is overall the kind of operation the guy is running

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A few more great tips we received via Facebook:
-Price, hours, paint, wear, location
-Always take off oil fill cap to check for gray oil. Have seen many tractors with new oil at auctions but can typically tell if motor is bad by looking into oil fill tube

Tip from fellow farmers on Facebook

  • ’ radio that works lol’
  • ’ I look for something with green paint on it when buying a used tractor’
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