Value of Less Popular Brands

In my county, Case IH and John Deere combines have the largest part of the market. Gleaner, New Holland, Massey are rarely seen. How do these less popular in our area sell on farm sales? I assume local farmers are less inclined to purchase but do the ads bring in farmers from other areas where these brands are more popular?

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Great question! This is an important issue, always has been. I’ve noticed for decades now with our auction sale price data that certain brands sell for $$ in certain parts of the country where their dealer network has remained stronger. Close relationships with your dealer so important, rely on their parts & service, their expertise with their machines, etc. Gleaner combines a very good example. Our data shows that Michigan and Ohio for example tend to produce slightly stronger auction sale prices. But you raise a good point about technology/internet advertising changing the game a bit. So now savvy used buyers from say Ohio know that used Gleaner or New Holland combines may not tend to sell for as much $$ in other regions, keep your eyes peeled in those areas…be ready to hop in and bid aggressively when you see one you want in some distant land.

Cheaper acquisition price $$ pays for a lot of trucking.

Canada is another very interesting topic. Our data has shown for long while now that Massey tractors and New Holland combines tend to sell higher up north.


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