Top 20 Highest Auction Prices in 2019

(9) John Deere’s and a Chevy.

That would be the make up of the Top 10 Highest Auction Prices we’ve documented this year. A Chevy you ask? Yep, I’ve been compiling auction sale prices on CARS for 25+ years. I don’t often write about them, but decided years ago to include the auction sale price data we find on CARS sold. The Chevy in this year’s Top 10 sale prices…actually it’s No. 1.

The 2019 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Black Z06 Coupe with Adrenaline Red Trim…it was the last C7 ever built and sold for a whopping $2.7 million dollars on the Barrett-Jackson collector auction June 28, 2019 in Connecticut. Caveat: the last made C7 Corvette sold as part of a very cool benefit sale for the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation that helps build homes for catastrophically injured veterans, story here:


The highest auction price this year on a non car was $550K on a 2016 JD CS690 cotton stripper with 700 engine hours sold on a 1/24/19 farm auction in Dimmitt, TX.

When I started compiling auction sale price data 30 years ago back in 1989…I could not have foreseen someday watching a 3 year old piece of farm equipment sell for $550,000 at auction.

No. 3 in our highest auction price item of the year clocked in as the all time highest auction price on a Combine…a 2018 JD S790 on tracks with 354 engine hours sold for $396,000 on an online dealer auction 12/12/19 in central Minnesota.

Highest auction price of the year on a tractor was $361,250 for a 2018 JD 9570RX with 271 engine hours on a 10/9/19 online auction, it was from Grafton, ND.


Let’s call 2019…“The Year of Tracks” and for good reason after #Harvest 18, #Plant19 and #Harvest19.

Happy New Year folks! Here’s to hoping 2020 will bring a better year for ag.

Machinery Pete