Not Quite Record Prices on Wisconsin Auction Today

Close, but no new record high auction sale prices today on the Ray Gilbertson farm estate auction today (April 15, 2019) in Eau Claire, WI by ProCountry Auction Service. 

No records set, but nonetheless, some very competitive bidding on (4) super low hour tractors. Here's the rundown:

2013 CaseIH Magnum 225 CVT with 10.4 hours, sold: $131,500


Pete's Note: "Highest auction price: $140K on 8/24/13 farm sale, central Wis., 2010 model, 536 hours


2013 CaseIH Maxxum 140 with 8.2 hours, sold: $70,000


Pete's Note: "Record auction price without loader: $74,000, 12/21/16 farm sale, northeast Missouri, 2014, 669 hours"


2010 CaseIH Magnum 215 with 970 hours, sold: $90,000


Pete's Note: "Record price: $115,355 (U.S) on 4/9/15 farm sale south-central Alberta, Canada, 2008, 950 hours"


2015 New Holland T4.100 with 187 hours & loader: $43,500


Pete's Note: "Record price: $44,000 on 12/14/17 consign. sale southeast Oklahoma, 630 hours, loader"


"Tractor Specs" on all Makes/Models here:


Link to searchable list of Tractors for sale on Upcoming Auctions