New Holland 8970 Tractor Sold for Record Price on Michigan Auction

Doesn't matter what color...everybody it seems wants to own a low hour tractor approx. 20 years old.

More proof of this trend came earlier this month on the Wesley Williams Farms estate auction in Milan, MI. This sale was by my friends at Braun and Helmer Auction Service ( The 2000 New Holland 8970 tractor pictured below sold on this auction. It had only 851 actual hours on it, so figured to bring a premium.

It did bring a premium...$68,000. That is the new record high auction sale price on a New Holland 8970. But then again, how often do you run across one with under 1,000 hours these days? Hardly ever.

Highest Auction Prices on New Holland 8970 Tractors

Make Model Year Hours Price Date Area* Type of Auction
New Holland 8970 2000 851 $68,000 5/3/18 SWMI Farm
New Holland 8970 1994 5055 $65,000 4/14/14 WCSK Farm
New Holland 8970 1999 5622 $60,000 3/26/14 Colorado Online
New Holland 8970 - 5525 $60,000 11/10/12 SWMN Farm
New Holland 8970 2000 3542 $55,000 2/18/17 NEMO Farm

* Area sold: SWMI = southwest Michigan, etc. Data by

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Another Big Blue Tractor sold very strong on the May 3 farm estate auction in Milan, MI...the 1997 New Holland 9482 4WD pictured below with 859 original hours on it. It sold for $60,000, making it the highest auction sale price in the U.S. on a 9482 since June of 2011:

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