John Deere 4955 Tractor Sold for Record Auction Price Today in Iowa

The bidding just went on…and on…and on. The online bids just kept coming.

And coming.

The action was on this sharp 1991 JD 4955 with 6806 hours sold today (July 21, 2021) on the Ed and Joe Harders farm retirement auction in Hartley, IA by our friends at Vander Werff & Associates, Inc. (


SOLD: $84,750.

New record high auction sale price on a JD 4955 there folks…by a Mile! The winning bidder was from Nevada, outbidding other online bidders from across the country.


Interesting to note here how 2 of the 3 previous high auction sale prices on JD 4955’s came the same month, August 2013, on 2 different auctions, one in MN, the other in IA.

"Tractor Specs" on JD 4955’s: John Deere 4955 Tractor Specs | Machinery Pete

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Sale prices ran VERY HOT across the board today on the Ed and Jo Harders farm retirement auction in Hartley, IA, including the highest price I’ve ever seen on a 2015 model JD 8320R tractor. Click here to view complete sale price report from today’s auction:

Machinery Pete

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