John Deere 4450 with 1800 Hours Sold Today on MN Auction - 3rd Highest Ever

Roger Sandstrom of Roseau, MN had his online farm auction today (July 6, 2021) by The Steffes Group ( Roger had one Tractor that drew LOT of attention…

1988 JD 4450 with 1800 hours

SOLD: $77,000. The JD 280 Loader sold separate for $8,400

$77K is the 3rd Highest ever auction sale price on a JD 4450.


Of course you may remember the record setting highest selling JD 4450 ever from a very unique auction last fall, October 28, 2020, up in Speers, SK by Ritchie Bros. ( that we featured on our Machinery Pete TV show. That 1988 model 4450 2WD had only 256 actual “1 owner” hours on it and sold for $94,725 U.S ($125K CAD). It was owned by a former part owner of a John Deere dealership up there who bought the 1988 JD 4450 and also a 1992 JD 4760 and then just tucked them into his shed as investments. Here’s link to watch that episode of Machinery Pete TV show featuring the 1988 JD 4450 2WD sold for $94,725: Machinery Pete TV Show: 1988 John Deere 4450 2WD with Only 256 Hours | Machinery Pete

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