Hot Tractor Prices Today on Centralia, MO Farm Auction

Auction prices on good used Tractors continue to be smoking hot here as '22 winds down. More proof today, December 30, 2022, on the Kaiser farm retirement auction in Centralia, MO by my good friends at Wheeler Auctions and Real Estate ( Here are 4 examples:

2012 JD 9360R with 3413 hours, sold: $201,000

Pete’s Note:$201,000 is Highest auction price ever on JD 9360R with 3000+ hours…by a whopping $46K!

2011 New Holland T9.450 with 1920 hours, sold: $194,000

Pete’s Note:$194,000 is new record high auction price on T9.450…by whopping $22K! Previous high auction price on T9.450 was $172,000 on 2/21/15 farm auction in Newark, MO

2010 JD 8295R with 3088 hours, sold: $186,000

Pete’s Note:$186,000 is 2nd highest auction price ever on 2010 model 8295R with 3000+ hours and also the 6th highest ever auction price on any 2010 model 8295R. The 6 highest auction prices ever on 2010 model 8295Rs have all come since 3/30/22

2009 New Holland T6020 with 2648 hours, loader, sold: $59,000

Pete’s Note:Highest auction price on T6020 in 9 1/2 years. 2nd highest auction price ever

Click here to view sale price report on Kaiser farm retirement auction in Centralia, MO:

Machinery Pete