Highest Auction Price Ever on Tractor Seen Yesterday

The past 20 years I’ve compiled 110,422 auction sale prices on Tractors. Go back 30+ years to when I started back in November 1989…I’ve compiled over 150,000 sale prices on Tractors.

So kinda significant when yesterday (March 11, 2020) on an Auctiontime.com online auction the 2016 JD 9620RX tractor with 1003 hours pictured below sold for $385,200.

Highest auction price I’ve ever seen on a Tractor.

My friend Alex Kerr with Kerr Tillage (www.alexkerrtillage.com) of Mount Sterling, IL sold the 2016 JD 9620RX on the Auctiontime.com online auction, it came from a local CaseIH dealer in Illinois.

It was exciting just to get the opportunity to sell it,” said Kerr. “We watched the last 10 minutes of it selling in my office on my computer with everyone standing over my shoulder. I thought it was going to sell at about $330K and that just jumped to $370K in the last five minutes.”

Kerr and his team did a FANTASTIC job with the listing of this 2016 JD 9620RX tractor for sale on the online auction. The more pics the better. Video…YES.

It’s the only time I have ever put 93 pictures and videos on of one piece of equipment,” said Kerr.

Kerr mentioned the buyer was very excited, noting how much $$ he would have had to pay to boot to get into a new one after trading in his JD 9630T tractor.



Link to (96) JD 9620RX’s for sale today: https://www.machinerypete.com/tractors/175-hp/john-deere/9620rx

…oh, not incidentally, I’ve also recently seen the Highest auction prices ever on a Combine (12/12/19 online dealer auction central Minnesota - 2018 JD S790 on tracks, 354 engine hours, sold $396K) and a Planter (1/25/20 consignment auction northeast Missouri - 2019 JD DB60 24R-30, 4500 acres, sold $240K).

Machinery Pete