Evaluating cost/benefit of repairing older tractor

How does one go about determining if the cost of investing in an engine overhaul and putting new tires, maybe even paint touch ups is worth the cost? Cab was refurbished a few years ago for my own comfort!

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If the tractor is a John Deere or any tractor with a good value, it would probably be worth fixing up.

Actually a Versatile 835 with Cummins 855 engine. Takes 8 tires to retread!

I think key thing in weighing the cost is if you are doing it for benefit of your use going forward or if thinking of doing it strictly for resale purposes. Over the past 27+ years tracking tons of repaired/fixed up tractors sold at auction, our sale price data tends to show that repair costs aren’t fully recovered when the tractor is sold. Quite common to see a tractor sold where sale bill says “$15,000 spent on it last year” and then the tractor sells for $15,000. Difficult to generalize of course, always exceptions.


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