CaseIH Magnum 290 Tractors (Made 2011 - 2014) Up in Value This Year

Older, but worth more $$.

Becoming a familiar refrain in the used tractor market. More proof came in yesterday (August 27, 2019) from the Kevin and Kathy Oppedahl farm retirement auction in Renwick, IA (north-central Iowa) by our friends at Ryerson Auction & Realty, Ltd. ( Small, but very clean line of equipment sold, including the 2011 CaseIH Magnum 290 tractor with 1,054 hours pictured below:

Sold: $101,000.

Got me wondering about CaseIH Magnum 290 values, so I dove into our auction price data and found Magnum 290 values have actually inched UP a bit this year. Here’s the scoop:

Pretty remarkable data here if we stop and chew on these figures. CaseIH made the Magnum 290 model from 2011 - 2014, so at this point they are now 5 - 8 years old. Our hard cash auction price data shows Magnum 290 values have only fallen 15.6% vs five years ago (2014). That really is not much depreciation at all.

"Tractor Specs" on CaseIH Magnum 290’s:

Current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price on CaseIH Magnum 290 tractors = $125,529.

So my “Machinery Pete Ratio” calculation of value here on Magnum 290’s comes out to 73.0%. This is figured by dividing the current Avg. Auction Price / current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price. As I’ve written and spoken about often, I’ve been keep tabs on this correlation between auction price / dealer ad price for 15+ years now and have found the historical ratio to fall in the 71 - 76% range.

So 73.0% here…right on the money. To me this means Magnum 290’s are properly valued in the current market, both from a retail and hard cash auction perspective.


Link to (81) Magnum 290’s for sale today:

Machinery Pete