Best way to sell

I have an oddball tractor for my area, a NH TV140 bidirectional tractor with loader having forks. Having trouble selling. What’s the best way to find a buyer?

As a former owner of a TV 140, I’m sorry.

How would you go about selling any lemon? Try appealing to someone who really wants a project.

Need targeted exposure outside your local area. This always the case when selling, but even more important when selling item that is not popular/common locally. We are about to release our answer to help in these cases… “For Sale By Owner”. You list item(s) you’re looking to sell, benefit from our constant multi media promotion of + benefit from our very strong Google SEO performance…so when folks go to Google and type in “NH TV140 or New Holland TV140”…yours for sale will appear for them to click on.

I will be posting more info on our new MP “For Sale By Owner” option soon. Stay tuned…


Thanks. Will look for it

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Also…email me pic of your TV140 if you can, along with decription/history on it, how much $$ you’re asking. I may be able to post to our Machinery Pete Twitter feed…see if generate any buyer interest for you. My email:


There are photos here

I’m asking 40k but open to reasonable offers. The machine has front and rear 3 pt hitch, pto at 540 and 1000, loader with new forks (no bucket). Recently had 30k in dealer repairs. Runs great. AC works

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Where are you located at? I have a farmer friend who may be interested in the Bi-Directional. Nate Schlief

Whitefield maine, 04353