2002 Agco DT160 Tractor with Only 111 Hours Sold for Record Auction Price Today

Almost double $$.

Everyone knew this tractor was going sell high, for a record price. Question was…How High Will It Go?

The beautiful 20 year old orange tractor in question was the 2002 Agco DT160 with only 111 hours pictured below, sold today (April 20, 2022) on the weekly www.bigiron.com online auction. It was from Rockton, IL.

SOLD: $98,250.

Yes, new record high auction sale price. Nearly double the prior high sale price of $53,000 from 16 years ago.


"Tractor Specs" on Agco DT160’s: https://www.machinerypete.com/specs/agco/dt160

As for what this 2002 Agco DT160 tractor sold for New back 20 years ago…I couldn’t find any precise data, but was able to narrow things down a bit. The precursor 160 HP models in the Agco family of tractors to the DT160 were the Agco White 8510 and the Agco Allis 9775. From what I could find, the new retail price of a 2001 model Agco White 8510 tractor was $92,430, while new retail price on 2001 model Agco Allis 9775 was $93,600. So we can assume that one year later, 2002, the new retail price on a 2002 Agco DT160 was most likely in the mid to high $90K range.

So exactly what the 20 year old like new DT160 sold for on today’s auction…$98,250.

Machinery Pete

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That is a very nice looking AGCO tractor