Northeast Iowa Farmer Looking to Sell His (5) JD 716A Forage Boxes

My friend Jeff Ryan from Cresco, IA is looking to selling (5) sharp JD 716A forage boxes.

Hey Greg, we’re getting close to corn silage season again, said Ryan. "A neighbor has a self-propelled chopper with trucks and he chops for us now. We don’t really need the five 716A wagons on 1275 gears anymore.”

A couple more pics.

If interested in Jeff’s (5) JD 716A forage boxes, here’s his email:

You may recognize that “Guy No. 2” reference. Jeff for years penned a very popular farm life/humor blog/column for Farm Industry News magazine before it folded back in Spring of 2017. If you read Guy No. 2’s farm/life stories…you remember them. One of the best writers I know. And a super guy to boot. Something about that Turkey River there in Cresco, IA. I’ve met quite a few cracker jack folks from there.

Now, when it comes to JD 716A forage box values…well, I can tell you the last (38) I’ve seen sold at auction the Avg. Auction Price = $2,945. Highest price during this stretch: $8,900. Lowest price: $600. Jeff’s (5) 716’s obviously as nice as you’ll find anywhere, any time. Here’s a picture of that highest seller, $8,900 on a 8/23/17 consignment auction in southeast South Dakota by the great team at Wieman Land & Auction (

After that $8,900 price, next highest came a pair of 716A’s sold two weeks later on a 9/9/17 consignment auction in central Minnesota by our friends at Mid-American Auction Inc. ( for $7,550 and $7,500. Here’s a pic of them:

Machinery Pete

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We picked ours up for a song at an early 80’s bankruptcy farm dispersal…Thinking $1200…Loved that wagon…Our others were Badgers…Also got a JD kicker baler and rake with 3 kicker wagons for almost scrap price

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