Limited Edition Silver CaseIH Magnum 340 Tractor For Sale in Quebec

Very cool.

I love special edition tractor/combine color schemes done well. Check out the Limited Silver Edition 2013 Case IH Magnum 340 tractor with 3450 hours for sale currently up in Quebec at Agritex, a regional John Deere dealer that recently took in this tractor ( It’s a 2013 model with 3450 hours. CaseIH did the special limited edition silver Magnum 340’s in 2013 to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the release of their very popular Magnum Series tractors. Here are a few pics of the one for sale in Quebec at Agritex:

Asking price: $212,500 CAD.

Here’s another link into the Agritex web site where you can click get full info/specs/pics on this 2013 Case IH Magnum 340 Silver Edition:
You can also contact Alexandre Vezina, Used Equipment Salesman with Agritex, via phone at 514-809-4442.

Here also is a news release from the archive files of Case IH talking about the 25th Anniversary release of these Limited Edition Silver Magnum 340’s:

Machinery Pete